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Your Fertility Program

The East/West Guide to Maximum Fertility

By Dr. Maureen Rozenn

Meet Dr. Maureen Rozenn, LAC, DAOM, FABORM, Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Board Certified in Oriental Reproductive Medicine, Author, Clinician, Professor, and Researcher.

Dr. Rozenn was the first female DAOM to become Board Certified in Oriental Reproductive Medicine. Dr. Rozenn has been practicing Oriental Medicine for over a decade. She has provided thousands of fertility enhancing treatments to men and women, written research studies, authored two books on fertility (and has two more in the works), and taught Master's, Doctoral and tutorial students. Now she wants to help YOU conceive!

Dr. Rozenn sees patients in Santa Cruz, California. For more information about her and her practice, see

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Do you have questions about your fertility?

  • What should my diet be?
  • What do these blood tests mean?
  • What is IVF, and do I need it?
  • Am I ovulating?
  • Is my thyroid too low?
  • Can I get pregnant after age 35?
Every body is different. I can give you the knowledge YOU need to achieve your goal!


Within the pages of Your Fertility Program, you will find:

  • The science behind cutting-edge Western reproductive techniques and time honored Oriental medical physiology and therapies
  • Clear, practical, user-friendly information, relevant at every step of your fertility journey.
  • Create YOUR comprehensive Fertility Program: congruous with your age, Western diagnosis and personal beliefs
  • The path to fertility varies with every individual. In Your Fertility Program, Eastern and Western Fertility diagnostics and treatment options are explained in detail so you can navigate your path to parenthood.
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Maggie G.

North Carolina

Dr. Rozenn was a God-send to me while trying to conceive our first baby, Ava. I had always known I would have trouble conceiving due to irregular periods since the age of 12, but not one doctor could ever give me a reason why? Not one doctor was willing to seriously discuss or diagnose me with PCOS, which is what I was suffering from for years. Very frustrating! Not only did Dr. Rozenn teach me about my body more than I could have asked for…her treatments felt to me…miraculous! After my first treatment, I felt “different.” And as she explained to me the purpose and goals of my treatment plan, which also included dietary changes and herbs and vitamins, I was able to better understand, as well as feel like I was taking an active role in my treatment. I looked forward to those treatments every week. Within one month I ovulated and the next month, we conceived Ava! I continued my treatments through my first trimester and I couldn’t have felt more cared for and listened to during those sensitive weeks and months than I did by Dr. Rozenn. If I could have had her as my ObGYN doctor, my doula, and in the delivery room, I most definitely would have! And in all honesty, she was there in spirit as well as in a few supportive text messages only a few hours after I was admitted to the hospital. It’s like SHE KNEW when I went in to labor! I am happy to say that we are now expecting our second baby this summer, but in the same breath, it was not nearly the same experience without having the guidance and care of Dr. Rozenn. We moved out of state about a year ago and I have missed her care and support greatly throughout this pregnancy. Luckily though, I was able to apply some of her dietary recommendations which I believe helped me to achieve a viable pregnancy a second time. It is with a full heart and endless gratitude that I recommend Dr. Rozenn to any woman or couple struggling with fertility! She will change your Life in more ways than you can know.



I want to thank you so much for first of all helping my body be prepared to get pregnant and also helping to sustain the pregnancy. I don’t think I could have done this without your help.–

Sarah R.

Santa Cruz, CA

I contacted Dr. Rozenn after learning of my miscarriage with my first pregnancy. She was very helpful and reassured me that we could work together to cleanse and heal my body in preparation for a future pregnancy. I had never received acupuncture before, but her gentle approach and knowledge about fertility put me at ease right away. In combination with acupuncture and Chinese herbs and Maureen’s expert guidance, I am currently in my second trimester!

Lisa Marie G.

Felton, CA

I went from wondering if I could even get pregnant to being super pregnant while under the care of Dr. Rozenn. Her keen insight and desire to help people is so evident in the way that she treats her patients.

Renee S.

Research Scientist

I am entirely convinced and forever grateful that the treatment program I pursued with Dr. Rozenn enabled my husband and I to conceive our baby boy, Owen.